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This morning, we surprise the children playing Scrabble. Obviously, the game is quite epic, since the little one can’ t read and the older one, barely.

So they concentrate their efforts on putting as many letters as possible on the board. After a while, as it often happens, the older one, angry that the little one uses letters he wanted, blows up everything his brother was doing and runs away screaming and crying (let’s say he has a little anger management issue).

Then, he calms down. We talk with him. He comes back to “apologize” and mumbles reluctantly:

I’m sorry I broke your letters.

His little brother, 4 ½-year-old , looks him straight in the eye and answers him with confidence:

You know, you don’t have to apologize to me. You just need to change your behavior!

GIF: Vidéo d’un jeune homme mimant un lâcher de micro avec classe et détachement.