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Hi, I’m Borisnice to meet you

I’m a french engineer1, Customer Success Manager for Dareboost. Dareboost is a SaaS auditing service that analyse your website’s quality and performances. My role is to analyse customer journey(s) by gathering feedbacks, then check with customers to ensure that they are on track with their performance objectives and, if not, see if I can help with an even broader use of Dareboost.

You may have meet me during events or conferences, talking about Service Design, Finance, e-Commerce or the choice of a data management solution: (CMS, DAM, OVP)…

An OpQuast certificate composed of 5 stars. &quote;Expert&quote; is written on top of it
Web Quality certificate - Expert level

Specializing in Quality management, Web performance and mobile Web, I’m thrilled about understanding the challenges of the new usages and experiences of the users.

I care a lot, so I also share a lot.

  1. my full résumé is available, in french, on LinkedIn