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Jesus’ bathroom

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When the kids talk about Jesus and God with each other (I would like to point out that we are not believers, but there is nothing disrespectful in these words), it helps us to understand what they are learning from the way they are being educated:

– There is a lady at the daycare who says that the rain is Jesus taking a shower.
– He must not be happy, God.
– Oh yes, because if the water falls to the ground, it is because Jesus puts it everywhere. And his daddy must be angry.
– Do you think he’s being scolded, Jesus?
– Not necessarily. If he knows it’s the whole family’s bathroom, then Jesus behaves as a good boy and he cleans up after himself.
– Oh, yes, you’re right. And when the bathroom shines, we see rainbows!

GIF: A man dances while cleaning his bathroom.

I must have missed the “miracle of the Bathroom that shines” in the New Testament.